Related Existing Works:

Work: ChaoDependent
Artist: Dave Murray-Rust, Angleos Papadakis, Owen Green
Although the LEDs aren’t the main purpose of the project, the way in which the different parts communicate with one another is very similar to what I want to achieve. The physical components are also similar as they can be moved around by the participants. The relationship between lights and sound is also worth looking into as it relates conceptually to idea #1.

Work: Sound Mites
Artist: David Bouchard
This work is made up of many blocks that do nothing on their own, but when placed next to similar blocks emit light and sound. This is very similar to idea #2 in the mode of interaction between such psychical forms. They are also conceptually similar, emphasizing how small parts come together to create something larger than themselves.

Work: Listening Table
Artist: David Bouchard, Sajit Sadi, Orkhan Telhan, Pranav Mistry
The interface of this piece is a table, which displays moving graphics based on surrounding sounds. This is another example of audio converted to visuals, and it also works by involving a participant similar to idea #1.

Work: P.E.A.L
Artist: Monomatic
Link: |
This piece allows the user to use their hands to interrupt beams which will play the sound of a ringing bell. There are different beams which play different pitches of bell sounds. The hand activated sound is similar to what I intend to do in idea #1.

Work: The Robotic Theremin Ensemble
Artist: Ray Lee
This project uses actual theremins, and they are played my robots. I like how this visualizes the relationship between motion and sound, a concept similar to mine.

Work: WiiMote Theremin
Artist: Ken Moore
I want to try to make my own theremin for this project because I want to avoid the use of antennae for aesthetical purposes. I want the sculpture to look like a unified body which I think will add to the wonderment of the experience. This theremin is built by hacking a WiiMote and using it as a proximity sensor that translates the values of distance to a program that plays sounds of different pitch and volume.

Work: Siftables
Artist: David Merrill
This is made up of small blocks that communicate with one another to create a bigger idea, in this case a piece of music. This technology can be applied to idea #2, making parts of awhole communicate to eachother.

Work: RFID Squeezebox Controller
Artist: Trileet Inc
This project uses RFID technology to play specific songs that correspond to the images placed in front of the mp3 player. This is similar to the spheres in idea #3 which trigger different lights instead of audio. RFIDs are also a potential method of creating idea #2.

Work: Laser Harp
Artist: Stephen Hobley
The laser harp is a musical instrument made of light that creates midi data as the user can break beams of light with his/her hands to create different sounds. The interactive aspect of this project and the audio visual relationship relates to idea #1.

Work: Music LED light box
Artist: Unknown
This is similar to idea 1 where light is responding to sound. The colors of the light are also changing, and the interconnection of audio and visuals is much like what I want to achieve

Work: Oscilloscope Art
Artist: Unknown
The oscilloscope translates signal voltages into a visual form, translating something immaterial to a visual form. They can also be interactive and similar to idea #1.

Work: Little Yellow Chair
Artist: Arthur Ganson
This is a kinetic sculpture that is an amazing synchronization of machinery, which move to produce one perfect but fleeting moment in time when all the parts come together to form a chair. I am very interested in kinetic sculpture and machinery and this is a very inspiring piece which can help me realize ideas 4 & 5.

Work: Sea creature
Artist: Theo jansen
This amazing kinetic sculpture is memorable to me because of the fact that it is purely analog. It uses no electronics or power, as it is pushed by the wind. The intricate mechanics are worth looking at and possibly applying to ideas 4& 5.


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