eXploration IV – Making the Hand

I thought the easiest way to go about this was to cast a real hand, so I went about getting some materials. Making a reproduction of a hand requires making a mold, into which the hand is then cast.

My first attempt was a lazy one, as I decided to get my materials from the conveniently located Curry’s Art Supplies. The materials were Alginate for the mold (also used by your dentist for teeth impressions), and for the cast something called Clear Casting Epoxy. The alginate hardened extremely quickly, faster than i could mix in the water, but the mold came out ok. The cast instructed to leave it for 72 hours, thats three days! I got impatient and took it out after 24 hours, only to find some air-bubble-filled reproductions of fingers.

The mold

The cast

I then decided to go for the real thing, which meant going to Sculpture Supply Canada. I didn’t have time to wait for a shipment so I decided to go to there in person. It is a bit of a journey to get there, but it was worth it for the results. They have materials designed specifically for body casting: Alja-Safe Alginate (not mint flavoured like my previous purchase), and Smooth-Cast 300, a fast curing liquid plastic. The result was an awesome reproduction with incredible detail and realism.

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