Project Plan

Title: The Waiting hand
Concept: Life and Death reduced to one minimal action
Execution: Kinetic sculpture – a hand repeatedly tapping its fingers

1) Make the hand
Mix and create a mould and pour the cast into it
Materials: Alja-Safe Alginate, Smooth-Cast 300

2) Cut & shape pieces of hand
Saw the hand into the appropriate pieces to allow movement and proper alignment
Components: Four fingers, Thumb, Palm
Hand saw, Jigsaw, Dremmel

3) Create axel for finger pivots
Drill holes across knuckles for the wire to pass through
Drill, drill bits
Materials: Wire

4) Line up fingers & movement
Line up the fingers and wire and drill holes below them for the rods to poke through
Tools: Drill, Hammer
Materials: Wooden base, marker, ruler

5) Line up mechanism
Find the median line of all four points where the axel will be positioned. Line up the axel for the wheels so it sits directly below the rods. Attach the axel to the servo motor and adjust the height of the motor so the axel rotates on the spot.
Materials: lower wooden base, wooden dowels, balsa wood, servo

6) Make wheels
Create the wheels and line them up below the feet of the rods. Glue smooth plastic strips to outside of wheels and to the bottom of the feet to  minimize friction. Rotate them to the appropriate starting position and fasten them in place.
Materials: balsa wood, thin plastic strips, hot glue

7) Attach everything in place
Spray paint the wooden structure and wooden rods. Attach electronics to base and sensor to front of the box, attach thumb and palm in place.


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